About Yes, I Can Read!
Yes, I Can Read! was written for fourth graders through adults who are nonreaders, beginning readers, or struggling readers, those who speak English as well as ESL learners.  The workbook was designed for learners who may be working with minimal assistance in a one-on-one, small group, or classroom setting, and its reading levels range from 0 to 6th grade.

  About the Author
Linda Weisman is a reading consultant, author, and educator. In addition to working as a tutor and free-lance editor, Mrs. Weisman is involved in professional development for teachers. Her career, which has spanned more than four decades, has included teaching English and reading in high school, Adult Basic Education in corrections, and undergraduate and graduate English and literacy courses in both a community college and a university. Her students have ranged from six to over sixty-five years of age, from nonreaders to graduate students. Linda earned a B.A. from Indiana University, earned a Masterís degree at Hunter College, and pursued further graduate studies at the State University of New York at Plattsburgh. Among her accomplishments, Linda was nominated for the International Corrections Teacher of the Year award and was named a Master Teacher and presenter at the National Teacher Training Institute. The authorís nineteen years of teaching Adult Basic Education in corrections inspired her to develop this workbook for those who have been unsuccessful in their quest to read.

A Great Teaching Resource
Yes, I Can Read! is a great resource for Reading Specialists, Adult Basic Education teachers, ESL teachers/tutors, homeschoolers, Pre-GED teachers, and parents.

  Download Samples

Introduction: The Three Approaches, Sequence, Where to Start, and more

Teacher's Guide: Short Vowel Sounds (from Unit 4)

Beginning - 1st Grade: Alphabet, Auditory Discrimination, Associative Words

1st Grade: Beginning Consonants, Lessons and Exercises

2nd Grade: Vowel Teams

3rd Grade: Consonant Blends

4th Grade: Consonant Combinations (Digraphs)

5th Grade: Prefixes


-Dale Forgette, Literacy Volunteers of America

-Liz Bale, Functional Skills English Tutor in the U. K.      


How to Buy the Book

Yes, I Can Read! can be ordered online as a soft-cover workbook through Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, and Trafford Publishing.


-Susan Christensen, Canadian Artist               -Betsy Baker, Literacy Volunteers of America   




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